History of Dem-Dem'Aras

Founded in 1372, Dem-Dem’Aras lies relatively shallow in the underdark on the Aras River. The river begins on the surface and plunges underground before winding its way downward through the area to plunge into Mistborne Lake.

By sealing the river below a crust of the native “Dem-Dem” crystal, the original high mages managed to clear a large cavern for habitation. These mages of Ched Nasad only thought to create a sanctuary from the advancing chaos caused by Lloth during her silence. However, the mages’ secret was not well kept as refugees from the destroyed Ched Nasad, Pagrugsif, and other settlements poured into the cavern desperate for sanctuary.

In 1394 the high mages disputes about how to handle the refugees came to a boil when the Most High, Bhan Ilsen challenged the other 8 mages to a duel for control of the city. Aligned opposite the mages, Ilsen emerged victorious from the battle the undisputed “Coronal” of Dem-Dem’Aras. House Ilsen began to shape the city and his rule to his liking. He placed his throne in the center of the city, embedded in a magnificent white column. He fashioned his 8 pointed crown from the finger and hand bones of his onetime conspirators. He elevated 8 houses to nobility, established extensive trade routes, allied with Duergar and Orcish settlements and embraced the refugees into the city as tradesman, workers, and ultimately citizens.

Bhan Ilsen was destroyed in 1419. His apprentices attested his planar portal experiment destabilized and his body was scattered across the planes. His Citadel, White Pillars was heavily damaged to its current state, which looks like the stub of a melted candle.

Bhan Ilsen was succeeded by the eldest of his four sons, Abbas Ilsen. Much like his father in temperament and humor, Abbas used his sword arm instead to expand the city including the colonization of Mistborne Lake. This led to even greater access to the underdark’s few roads and rivers. In 1465 Abbas declared publicly his son Vernick would gain the throne upon his death. Vernick was found dead the next day. Hirzel, the next eldest went mad. Mazzi the fours fell to his death. Elson was killed by a plague brought by an infested rat. All six sons of house Ilsen were killed or exiled before Abbas ceded his crown to his eldest daughter Orit Ilsen.
He ruled for 53 years from 1419 to 1472.

For seven years Orit has worn the Eight Fingered Crown of Dem-Dem’Aras, ruling from the Ilsen Complex on Price Hill. The new Coronal has shown only some of her forebears patience for immigration and has been under increasing xenophobic pressure from her Councilors.

Orit Ilsen, her Majordomo Neysa Obolen, and her sister Colizzi Ilsen have strengthened the City Watch’s presence in the city to organize an influx of refugees, control the spiraling crime and drug trades, and to keep order over a fractured Council.

History of Dem-Dem'Aras

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