Character Creation

Here is where we will all start
Level 8
$2,600 Gold
7, 8, 9th level magic items

This will be a Forgotten Realms campaign: Choose your Diety appropriately.
Feel free to pick any race and reflavor them to Drow by adding Darkvision and Darkfire.
Yes, you can pick a theme.
Dragonmarks, spellshards, Dark Sun Themes, and “other worldly” items, powers and feats are ok.
Just be sure to flavor them appropriately.

Location: Dem-Dem’Aras
The city is fairly cosmopolitan, but Drow hold most if not all positions of power within the city.

Dark Elf refugees from other cities as well as “monstrous” refugees have flooded into the city’s Lookout Heights region. The city’s trade-based economy and non-Matriarchal hierarchy structure seperate this city from others in the region.

Due to the low ceiling and stagnant airflow in the cavern, the Coronal forbids the use of torches and other open flames larger than candles while within the city limits. Taverns, forges, and any other business can apply for an open flame permit. These permits are easy to obtain but have huge annual fees. Regions of the city forbid the use of any light source whatsoever.

Be very careful of choosing a race without Darkvision: Lights are not common in the Underdark for good reason.

Here are the local laws: (LONK)
Here are the noble houses: (LUNK)
Here are the organizations available: (LINK)

Character Creation

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