The Stone Bears

Arriving back in the city, the party is again approached by the sage of Lowtown, Leander. He has more information on the Stone Bears and asks you to follow up on some leads at the Berronar’s Orphanage and The Sultry Sin. Combing through Lowtown, the party enounters and engages street performers, beggars, fences, whores, and businessmen. Finally the clues point to Sherett, a two bit cutpurse and fence that can be found at the Coughing Beggar Tavern. The party is ambushed on entering the tavern, but quickly mops up the opposition. Looking for the fence the party finds a secret entrance to the sewers and locates a Stone Bear Hideout.

At the hideout the party finds the Man with the Domino Mask that was the overseer of the alchemical factory (that they blew up). Surrounded by his skirmishers and taskmasters the masked man attacks the party with the cunning and flair of a noble. Struck down and unmasked, Ambal Gambhir (brother of Xul’Riina Gambhir) dies in his Stone Bear hideout surrounded by accomplices and evidence of his treachery.

Now armed with evidence of treason by House Gambhir, the party agrees to meet with The Lord Protector: Tuanek Jalt.



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