The Saffron Devil

And other spice related demons

The party warily heads out to follow the trail of symbols left by Keighten and finds themselves in what used to be the wealthy section of the city. Most of the estates in the area are run down, either from neglect or abuse. The trail markers lead to an alley across the street from a large gated manor.

Maelekos is volunteered to scope out the alleyway and is confronted by an angry looking, battered, and bruised drow weilding dual kukris. The man shouts a challenge (that nobody understands) and starts to back away warily from the heavily armed party. Just before he decides to make a run for it, Shelldrax remembers the identifying password given to the party by Orabii before they left Dem-Dem’Aras. Shouting “Fuuuuuck Yooouuuuuuu” stops the spy in his tracks and he raises one eyebrow warily. He tells the party to duck inside one of the hollowed out buildings to get off the street.

Keighten gives you some more information about his mission: He was ordered to track down the Saffron Devil, a wizard and spymaster for Undumor. The Saffron Devil is believed to be a major problem for Dem-Dem’Aras, he has been suspected of funneling agents, money, and information into the city and tracking him down has become an issue of great importance. He appears to be a humanoid (maybe human), but he disguises his appearance witha mask and heavy robes even within the city so nobody has been able to get a good look at him. Rumor has it that the Saffron Devil gets his name from his harsh treatment of his underlings and enemies. Drall Keighten has been watching the house from across the street for several days after watching the Saffron Devil go inside. He had not seen the wizard come out and was about to break in, but a roving patrol decided to have some fun with him and beat him to a pulp. The patrol left him for dead rather than just consuming him, probably thinking he was a resident.

Drall concludes “We are going to take the house, and with any luck we will get to see this Saffron Devil for ourselves.”

The party (scheming all the way) agree to send An to the door to request an audience with the wizard. The warforged marches stoically through the front gate and up to the entrance way to the manor. Curiously, none of the gates or doors have any knobs, levers or locks on them. When knocking does not bring out a response, and neither does a hearty “Is anyone here?” from inside the front door, the rest of the party bravely steps out of hiding and enters the manor. A search of the upper floor reveals some portions secreted away, but no sign of the master of the house or any servants (living or not-very-living). The bottom floor has a short hallway that opens up into a large two-story library dominated bya crystal tower running floor to ceiling. The bookshelves are tightly packed with various dusty books and scrolls. There is also a desk next to the opposite wall.

Maelekos warily eyes the crystal tower, and sensing a threat boldly tells Shelldrax that he should be looking at the tower as well. Zax’Ran inspects the papers on the desk, and not finding anything interesting tries opening one of the desk drawers. As the drawer opens, the room seems to waver slightly as the crystal tower pulses with blinding light. The party readies weapons as alcoves open around the room and mechanical constructs pour forth. Two marching hammers, two fire lashers, and one mechanical snake converge on the party as the crystal tower fires bursts of psychic energy on the party.

With psychic energy flashing, fireballs exploding, and hammers charging the party his hard pressed by the multiple enemies and nearly stumble as a party-unfriendly blast from the wizard catches the Avenger unaware and drops her to the floor unconscious. The bloodied party (with the help of the spymaster) are finally able to destroy the constructs guarding the library and revive the fallen Maelekos, who promptly kicks Zax’Ran in the testicles.

Turning their attention to the contents of the desk and library the party finds ritual scrolls, more potions, and more importantly the reports from the Saffron Devil detailing the activities of Lunken agents operating inside Dem-Dem’Aras.

Lyubomyr – Former instructor at the Scholar. Currently recruiting talented individuals to become necromancers to gain a foothold inside the city.

Pelykh – Sketchy details only

Azu Morn – Active agent, fully reported with plenty of details. (and the Necromancer from scene 24) Currently operating out of the Cold Spring region of Dem-Dem’Aras.

Armed with this info Drall seems delighted! He says "These documents need to return to Dem-Dem’Aras. We must escape this city at once. I have an extraction point outside the city. A mariner will be passing the point in two days, and he will be able to ferry us to Fort Chell, and from there back to our city. Not finding any reason to stay, the party agrees and exits the manor to see a beautiful elven woman wearing a black sash on the other side of the front gate. Hovering near her shoulder are a pair of black skulls wreathed in flames. Her pale, delicate features contort as she sees you.

As the party charges forward to engage the elf, all semblance of life is stripped away leaving only the desiccated husk of a pale reaver lord. Numerous other undead reavers phase up out of the ground and surround the party.

The crew aggressively dispatches the creepers and focuses its attention on the lord who tries to maintain mobility but is locked down by the Duergar. Finally, one of the flameskulls is able to blind the fighter which frees up the reaver lord to sink into the ground, eyes flashing with hate. The party dispatches the remaining enemies. Running low on resources the party still needs to exit the city to get to the extraction point.



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