The End of The Necromancer

Fall of the Scion of Shevarash

The vast market stretches out before you, a chaotic maze of smashed stalls and overturned carts. Numerous bodies lie on the ground, chopped and mutilated as hundreds of short skeletal figures, rat-faced dogs, dwarven zombies in plate armor, and child-sized figures armed with razors fight the small, scattered, unorganized groups of City Watch and the few armed citizens while butchering the helpless. The numbers are too large for 5 adventurers to counter by themselves. But the City Watch and City Guard look for someone to tell them where to fight or what to do. Where do reinforcements need to go? Panicked citizens are unorganized and do not know where safety lies. Many are injured and need aid. Others are trapped with no place to retreat. In the chaos, dangerous adversaries may be struck from behind with proper scouting reports and stealthy approach. Will you accept the challenge of leadership in this large battle?

Yeah, you won

Descending into the place you know to go, you killed an fire-demon, 2 spine creep skeletons, and 2 marrowshriek skeletons. pretty good.

Entering the hallway you see ahead the tightly packed twists and turns of a maze. The walls are noticeably different than in the previous rooms as they are blackened, twisted and full of holes ranging in size to nearly a foot across. Looking closer reveals the stones that make up the walls and floors show signs of being dissolved with acid. The maze is only wide enough for a single file march.

The scarred walls to the north and west pour forth a mass of red and green oozes… they pour forth from multiple holes but reform eerily and seamlessly. A scan of the surroundings shows more of the multicolored slims pressing through the walls towards your position.

haha, you almost died

The cramped maze abruptly ends as you turn what seems to be the final corner. The corridor widens with a cool silvery sigil (a ward against acid) on the floor before a heavy set of doors. The symbol of Shevarash, god of retribution, is set prominently into the doors.

A cavernous room lies beyond. Intricate faerie fires line the walls. A wide chasm is cut into the floor with only a rickety sporewood bridge crossing the middle. Across the gap sits a large and impressive desk flanked by towering shelves. Every surface is piled high with books, scrolls, jars, and decanters of all types.

Two large skeletons carrying huge clubs and four undead drow ghouls prowl and guard the area before the chasm.

Azu Morn , clad in amethyst colored robes and flanked by two undead disciples, stands before the desk. The scar across his nose crumples as he sneers as you enter the room. He raises his arm, stripped of flesh and showing the naked bones of his hand and speaks to you: ”Why would you serve those retches? Those who would steal and kill for nothing more than a trinket? They would throw you away like an empty bowl. No matter now, you stand before me. You have a choice: Tell me what you know, serve Shevarash and his servants, punish those who deserve to be punished!”

“You are fools. If you will not serve me in life, you will serve me in death.”

Victorious, the party heads to the inn for an extended rest (cue Final Fantasy sleeping music).



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