The Ardent Purveyor

The party heads to Lowtown to figure out exactly where the Ardent Purveyor sank in Deepwater Harbor. First they check in on the “Spotted Man” who was spotted drinking at a tavern. While the Avenger shows compassion in alleviating the man’s spellscar symptoms, the Duergar makes sure his massive hammer doesn’t get left out of the conversation. He tells you he is a former treasure hunter, that he had located the Ardent Purveyor, and was about to launch an expedition to find it when he was stricken with the spellplague. He draws you a map that appears good enough to locate the wreck.

To ensure their dive is a success the party also contacts Leander, a middle aged drow scholar whose specialty is the commercial aspects of Dem-Dem’Aras. He willingly provides corroborating information about the location of the sunken ship in exchange for a future favor (regarding an ongoing investigation about the sudden rise of the Stone Bears). Reasonably assured of the Ardent Purveyor’s location, the party head to a dockside temple to Umberlee to meet with her Waveservant.

For a significant donation to the Church of the Bitch Queen the party procures not only a water breathing ritual, but six riding shark mounts to ensure the dive is a success. The Travellers Guild grudgingly pays these expenses.

Heading out to Deepwater Harbor, the party searches the bottom of a rocky trench covered in seaweed. Seeing the mostly buried hull of the ship the party descends into the trench to find a dozen sea wraiths swarming the trench. With the added mobility of the sharks, the party is able to dispatch the wraiths and searches the decaying shipwreck. Acquiring two large watertight chests and the Captains Journal among the bodies of the deceased sailors, Zzareex removes the Ardent Purveyors nameplate from the hull as additional evidence.

Heading back to the city, the chests are opened and the Journal studied. The chests prove to be watertight and the Ojar’t Collection was indeed the most precious cargo on the ship. The waterproofing enchantment placed on the Journal of Captain Morn had partially failed, and most of the pages are severely damaged. The legible portions of the journal detail the captain’s discovering of the plot to steal the Ojar’t Collection and smuggle it out of the city. He had sailed to recover it for the benefit of the city. It is also evident from the journal that Captain Morn had a son studiying the arcane arts, but he was too young to sail with his father.

By checking in with contacts at the Scholar the Wizard is able to determine that the Necromancer who enchanted the talking skulls was probably Azu Morn, son of Darden Morn. Azu had studied at the Scholar, but left the institution 14 years ago. No other more recent records of Azu’s activities exist, nor has he been recorded as deceased.

Daundratha Hornhand is dismayed by the news presented to her. Guildmaster Sabbar speaks up: “Traitors in our guilds, this is dark news.” The Lady Hornhand says “The Master Mariner and I must take a closer look at our respective guilds and weed out those who chose not to discharge their duties faithfully and profitably. We do ask a boon of you: would you keep what you have learned to yourself. We swear we will not rest until the corrupt in our guilds have been discharged.” Guildmaster Sabbar continues “Yes, we will look into these charges and act swiftly. Also if you did find anything that belongs to the city, you should return it to the Whitecaps.”



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