Something Smells In Lowtown

Stone Bears

The adventurers (that have no cool team name) eagerly engage the Stone Bears guarding the captives in the Alchemical factory. Shelldrax and Rezworn Hammersmith charge to the back corner where the Alchemist is busy hurling explosives. Maelekos engages the Carrion Crawler while Zax’Ran dances just out of reach of the whip-bearing slavers. An and Zzareex occupy the thugs, freeing Shelldrax to eliminate the Alchemist and allowing Rez to pull attention to himself. Mopping up the taskmasters, the party frees (and attempts to seduce with glorious tales of Shithole Island) the slaves and searches the factory. A new member of the Stone Bears is found hiding in a cabinet and only his youth saves him from further punishment.

Edro knows that the Stone Bears never keep to one place for long, but have been hiding out at an abandoned city watch station. He provides directions, but will not go anywhere near for fear that he will be recognized as a traitor.

Arriving at the watch station the upper floors are empty and in bad shape, but a quick search reveals a set of stairs leading down into what once must have been the jail for this watch station. On the far side of the room is a well maintained set of manacles. A man (who nobody recognized immediately) is chained to the wall and is being aggressively questioned by several Stone Bears. The leader, Jorgan is torturing the man for information, specifically if he knows anything about the Stone Bears operations in the city. Most of the other thugs lean on heavy halberds, intent on watching the spectacle before them, urging Jorgan to further violence. From the body language of the interrogator, you can see he is fed up with the prisoners repeated denials. When he pulls his heavy flail from his belt, you know this interrogation will not last much longer.

A brief and bloody battle ensues, and the heroic luck of the adventurers keeps them standing strong even through a brutal offensive. The Stone Bears prove no match for the party.

Freeing the man chained to the wall, he reveals himself as Mazezka Degenhard, Knight Captain of the Whitecaps. He was looking into gang activities in Lowtown and Lookout Heights and specifically investigating the brothels: Passion, The Sultry Sin, and Magic Touch. While he was being questioned, a man in a domino mask arrived and inquired about the production rates at the factory. He did not seem pleased with the results. Mazezka thanks you heartily for your help, and tells you he intends on reporting his findings to his superiors at the Whitecaps, and vows to find and capture the leaders of the Stone Bears.

A Search of the abandoned watch station reveals shipping manifests that show raw materials originating from governmental stockpiles and being delivered to the alchemical factory. Other manifests chart the delivery of the finished items to locations inside the city as well as foreign locations. The authorization and signature blocks of the documents which usually indicate who in the government approved the shipments have all been left blank. The shipments do not appear to have any legitimate governmental purpose, and would indicate that there is a traitorous source on the Council of 8.



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