In the Black Blood Temple

Put on your Yamaka +3 before entering

The party spends some time to “adjust” the contents of a note from someone named I’ree to Whitescar as well as disguising themselves to appear as the proposed offerings to Whitescar. With this the party moves deeper into the mountainside, the Black Blood temple descends further into darkness. At the end of one tunnell you see a large heavyset (big boned) door blocking your path. The door appears to pivot on a central point and does not appear locked or trapped. Sounds of a large commotion are easily heard from the chamber beyond although the many differing sounds make it difficult do discern what lies beyond.

Opening the door proves easy enough for the heros who file into a room filled with small drakes and dragons of all colors. The party manages do defeat the dragons and Zax’Ran takes a lighning bolt to the face. The now quiet chamber leads further into the mountain.

Ever valiant, the party continues to explore the cavern that opens into a large chamber and statue of Gruumsh. Two red-burning torches flank the large stone statue.

From the darkness a voice intones “More visitors? What have you come to offer me? Gold this time, I hope. Make your offering and say the ritual.”

Astutely, the sage-robot An recalls a prayer that she thinks would be appropriate for making an offering to the Beast Lord Malar. With a nod from her team, she stands forward and delivers the rites. Shelldrax invites Whitescar to take the missive directly or not at all.

The ever-wary Avenger percieves the direction of the booming voice and lobs a light source up to one of the platforms revealing a large purple-tinted dragon looming over the party. Still convinced of his bluffing abilities, Shelldrax contintues to bait the dragon closer under the guise of civility. The party flinches as the dragon swoops from the perch and alights in front of the disguised party. Taking the note from Shelldrax and reading it carefully the dragon awaits the delivery of its meal. Patient much longer than anticipated, the Duergar cannot wait any longer and unleashes his attacks.

After the initial flurry of steel the party readies for the dragons attack. A powerful blast and swipe throw the party clear and the beast swoops back up to his perch. Scrambling back into position the party attacks from range and reforms their formation. Mobile beyond the expectations of the team, Whitescar rips into their flanks and rear until it is caught and knocked out of the air. The party lunges forward and unleashes their mighty attacks on the immobile target.

The prone and bloodied dragon recovers enough to blast the party and again fly to safety. Noting its extensive wounds, the monster hisses and phases through a solid wall. Waiting for another ambush, the party remains ready but Whitescar does not appear. The fight is over.

Outside the temple Daffyd and his “army” are amazed at your return and cheer your triumph over the monsters contained in the temple. Surely they would have been hard pressed to take the opening halls and many warriors blanch at the thought of facing a dragon.

The party turns its attention to the “delegation” from Silvergrove that is in Langmuir and to the safety and productive uses of the Island of Moray.



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