Entry to the Black Blood Temple

We don't do Bar Mitzvahs

Short Short Version.

So the first room of the Temple had bunch of beasties in it: Werewolf, Wererats, Minotaur and two Drow. FIGHT

In the fight, one drow curiously blasts the party with cold… but as he falls his illusion is stripped away and reveals his dragonborn form. That leaves the other drow, who is not what he appears eaither. He is a cat-headed Rakshasa. The bad guys get dead all the way.

Further into the temple the party engages and defeats another mixed party of beastly enemies: Another Rakshasa (no illusions here), dragonborn, tiefling and a small green dragon. The party uses a large amount of resources, but emerge victorious. Among the possessions of the enemies the party finds two notes: one set of instructions for delivering the second note to “Whitescar” who is supposed to be in this abandoned temple.



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