Behind Enemy Lines

300 Death Ave. Undumor City, Lunken 20036

The party returns to the Hostel of the Sacred Stone (where Zax’Ran has his students quarters set up) for a quick meal and to meet the contact Shelldrax has been talking about for so long.

The contact, Orabii, needs adventurers for this mission. You are to extract an angent who went to Undumor as a spy for the Council and is now presumed to be in trouble because he has not reported back in a month. He normally sends word of his progress weekly. His name is Drall Keighten and he serves Vummos Poe.

The standing army is hard-pressed to hold the line against the undead forces of Lunken, they need no food, no pay, and no rest. The benefits of bringing the army are too few to risk on this mission. Plus, the troops have no training in stealth or other specialized skills for infiltrating an enemy stronghold. Most recruitable soldiers in the city are nothing more than mushroom farmers and shit shepherds.

Keighten’s last message stated that he was close to his objective. Orabii does not know what the specific mission is, but that it is urgent and time-sensitive. You are given a description of the agent, coded markings to follow trail markers and a password to identify yourselves if you do find the spy. The intelligence reports on Undumor are also distributed. These detail the state of the city as well as some info about the residents.

Orabii suggest that most groups trying to infiltrate the Lunken city have been successful approaching by the river, and that because of your influence in the Travellers Guld, it should be possible to be smuggled in by ships sympatheic to Dem-Dem’Aras. He also states that Keighten’s communications may have been compromised, and that you should not try to send word back once you are in enemy territory. He stresses " you cant go in there wearing nice clothes or holy symbols or anything, so get prepared."

Hopping on to the Umber Wanderer the party is transported to shores of the enemy city. As the boat docks a robed figure standing on the dock calls out “By the authority vested in me by the great Regent stand down and prepare to be boarded for inspection!” The ghouls swarming the ship immediately attack once the inspector notices the holy symbol of the hated Raven Queen dangling between the ample, supple, … hold on wrong story …

Anyway, the party dispatches the patrol and acquires a set of collars used to identify and catalogue the residents of Undumor. Deciding on a somewhat familiar plan of action, the party enchants one extra collar and moves forward under the pretense of turning in captives. The party has trouble avoiding patrols of undead including scores of skeletons, some of which have four arms.

The trail markings lead you to a hollowed out Inn (Okayo’s Rest) near the center of the city. Although somewhat faded, the markings point to a location not far from the Inn. The location appears to be a small alleyway between two buildings off of a larger street. Hopefully the markings will lead you to the agent.



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