A Simple Request
Or is it? No, it isn't.

As you walk across the city to keep your appointment, the sounds of hammering begin making your conversations harder to follow. It seems that someone is making some improvements on a large two-story house at the very edge of town. You see several other drow who are hard at work repairing a wall. Suddenly, a fungus ladder snaps, dropping a workman to the ground. The man falls downward and catches his neck at an awkward angle on one of the ladder’s rungs. There is a nasty crack and a wet tearing sound as the hapless laborer is nearly decapitated. His body collapses like a puppet whose strings have just been cut. You can’t see much more from this distance, but it seems unlikely that he could still be alive. The work site falls silent as it takes everyone a moment to comprehend the terrible tragedy that has just occurred.

You aren’t the only ones to notice the grisly accident – screams and gasps come from other bystanders and foot traffic on the nearby street comes to a halt. The shrill sound of a signal whistle breaks the silence. Soon you hear the heavy footsteps of Whitecap soldiers rushing to the scene.

The Lord Protector, Tuanek of House Jalt, arrives surrounded by well-armed soldiers. He stops at the perimeter and after a few words with the soldiers, he addresses the crowd. “Citizens and friends, please return to your places of business or residence. We have determined that there is no continued threat, and we need time and space to investigate what has happened here today.”

“Ah! I presume you received my letter. Thank you for coming so quickly, although I wish we were meeting under… more fortunate circumstances. Before we begin the business of investigating these accusations you have made, I would like to ask you to investigate this worker’s death. What do you say?” Agreeing, the party investigates the accident scene and interrogates (Belch) the workers on site.

Noticing the reluctance of the workers to let anyone near the house, the party insists on entering the residence. With their cover blown, the “workmen” move toward you, drawing their swords. The “foreman” stands his ground, and you see that his skin has begun to ripple and shift, and he transforms into a huge monster-serpent thing. The workers blow sharp notes on their horns, but no reinforcements arrive… and the party worries it was a sign to flee instead of fight.

Killing the snakes and ransacking the house, the party finds a trap door and a set of stairs heading down to some kind of underground passageway. It appears that the construction work on the surface was nothing more than a cover for the real work that has been going on down here. There is a snake-like sigil carved on the underside of the trap door. After discovering the secret door and descending the stairs, you arrive at another door, carved with images of a variety of snakes preying on helpless humans. Beyond the door, you see a rather large room. Directly opposite this entrance is another set of double doors. In the middle of the room, an elaborate sigil has been carved into the floor. The sigil seems to represent a circular pattern of snakes, each one swallowing the tail of the snake in front of it. The entire ring thus forms an endless pattern. Dancing rhythmically across the sigil, if such a word can be used to describe the slithering motions of serpents, you see two vipers. One of them is clearly living, while the other appears to be some sort of construct made from iron. Standing at the back of the room is a tall, emaciated female drow. She drops the flute she was carrying and hisses menacingly, words of arcane power replacing the music that filled the chamber moments earlier.

Increasingly concerned at the thought of their quarry escaping, the party charges through traps and snakes of all types, clearly designed to slow them down. At the end of the building, a curious note stuck next to a cavern that leads away from the city. Undeterred the party follows and emerges into the Underdark. The fleeing cultists’ tracks grow stronger and stronger; you are clearly gaining on them. After several hours of pursuit, the tracks have become very fresh. The trail leads through the maze-like Underdark, and ends at a small collection of standing stones.

A small group of Snaketounge Cult leaders have arrived here and huddle together for protection. The party dispatches the motley group of Medusa, YuanTi, and other sibilant enemies. Returning to Lord Tuanek with the curious note in hand, the party is congratulated. “I thank you for investigating the murder and thereby uncovering the cult of Sseth. House Jalt appreciates your bravery and diligence. I am not at all convinced that we fully understand what has transpired here today. I think that someone else wanted the cult of Sseth to be discovered. I will investigate what we have found here, what you have discovered about the Stone Bears, and other tidings that have reached my ears. I will call upon you when I have new work or when i have concluded my research."

The Stone Bears

Arriving back in the city, the party is again approached by the sage of Lowtown, Leander. He has more information on the Stone Bears and asks you to follow up on some leads at the Berronar’s Orphanage and The Sultry Sin. Combing through Lowtown, the party enounters and engages street performers, beggars, fences, whores, and businessmen. Finally the clues point to Sherett, a two bit cutpurse and fence that can be found at the Coughing Beggar Tavern. The party is ambushed on entering the tavern, but quickly mops up the opposition. Looking for the fence the party finds a secret entrance to the sewers and locates a Stone Bear Hideout.

At the hideout the party finds the Man with the Domino Mask that was the overseer of the alchemical factory (that they blew up). Surrounded by his skirmishers and taskmasters the masked man attacks the party with the cunning and flair of a noble. Struck down and unmasked, Ambal Gambhir (brother of Xul’Riina Gambhir) dies in his Stone Bear hideout surrounded by accomplices and evidence of his treachery.

Now armed with evidence of treason by House Gambhir, the party agrees to meet with The Lord Protector: Tuanek Jalt.

Securing Shithole Island
The Mines: Axebolt and Hellspike

Leaving the emptied Temple of the Black Bloods, the party returns to the relative safety of the walled town of Langmuir. The delegation from Silvergrove no longer stands in the town, the local magistrate assumes they had snuck away during the time you were assaulting the temple. The authorities had no good reason to search for the missing delegation, as they had not broken any laws and were actually helpful bringing much needed supplies to the beleagured area. Inconsistencies in the stories and culture of the delegation lead you to believe that they were not aligned with Silvergrove at all and were probably related to the situation with Whitescar.

The party now turns its attention to its empty pockets. Disruptions from two local mines have stopped the inflow of cash to the Orcskull Mining Consortium. Choosing the closest mine, the party heads out to investigate.

Axebolt Mine The Iomic crystals that come from this mine have long been used for scrying and protections spells. Recently they have turned up more simply as jewlery and have been increasingly popular with the upper class in Dem-Dem’Aras. Investigating the mine leads to the uncovering of aberrations. Like this: “Two large beasts appear… they are clearly dragon shaped, but their forms are an amorphous mass of scales, mouths, fangs, and reptilian eyes. Their bodies roil with different colors, seeming to change shape and size from moment to moment.” And this: “A worm-like creature with thick, rubbery skin slithers along the tunnel. Its mouth resembles a huge beak surrounded by four long tentacles, each of which is tipped with a vicious looking spike” and this “an ooze-like creature covered with eyes and mouths floats ont he surface of the water. The ground around it seems to warp and buckle, as the monstrosity’s endless gibbering of nonsensical noises and phrases seems to undermine the very fabric of reality around it.”

The very bottom of the mine houses a corrupted pillar of Iomic crystal which is attuned to the Far Realm. First destroying the Grell and Grick guardians, the companions sever the connection and make safe the mine for use.

Hellspike Mine This mine, owned and operating shortly before your arrival was already in danger of closing due to low production and several recent accidents caused by unstable earth in the area. Word of a more disturbing incident has left this local siver mine empty and the surviving workers narrowly escaped with their lives. Rumors of strange creatures reach your ears and Thorgar Axebolt has agreed to pay you for investigating the threat and doing whatever it takes to make the mine safe. Some of the miners may still be trapped, and any still alive should be your top priority.

As your party approaches the mine, you spot one of the Duergar workers cowering in the shadows to the side of the entrance. Khoryn( a miner) nervously explains that he’s waiting for four other miners who have gone inside to deal with the beasts who attached earlier.

Entering the mine, you hear the sounds of combat and locate two of the armed miners standing against a mass of foulspawn. The party valiantly rushes to the aid of the miners when a second wave of enemies emerges including a displacer beast and a bulette. Crashing through the wall in a cascade of debris the bulette latches onto the An, the warforged bard and drags her down. Unable to reach the bard in time and unable to retreat and unable to save their fallen comrade, the party regroups to make a final stand against the unholy beasts.

From above, Thorgar (the owner of the mine) and a dark elf priestess emerge to turn the tide in the combat, destroying the foulspawn and routing the beasts.

Driven and determined, the Priestess of Lolth assumes leadership of the companions and charges into the destroyed heart of the mine. Littered ruined forges, braziers, and other instruments of metalwork, the entire section has been reduced to rubble. Only a solid black obsidian anvil stands. Drow soldiers, lurkers, mages all stand ready around Xul’Riina Gambhir, rival priestess of Lolth. Engaging and destroying these forces, the party accumulates further wealth for themselves(a new cloak for the priestess, a minor elemental, and that nifty anvil) and for the Orcskull Mining Consortium.

In the Black Blood Temple
Put on your Yamaka +3 before entering

The party spends some time to “adjust” the contents of a note from someone named I’ree to Whitescar as well as disguising themselves to appear as the proposed offerings to Whitescar. With this the party moves deeper into the mountainside, the Black Blood temple descends further into darkness. At the end of one tunnell you see a large heavyset (big boned) door blocking your path. The door appears to pivot on a central point and does not appear locked or trapped. Sounds of a large commotion are easily heard from the chamber beyond although the many differing sounds make it difficult do discern what lies beyond.

Opening the door proves easy enough for the heros who file into a room filled with small drakes and dragons of all colors. The party manages do defeat the dragons and Zax’Ran takes a lighning bolt to the face. The now quiet chamber leads further into the mountain.

Ever valiant, the party continues to explore the cavern that opens into a large chamber and statue of Gruumsh. Two red-burning torches flank the large stone statue.

From the darkness a voice intones “More visitors? What have you come to offer me? Gold this time, I hope. Make your offering and say the ritual.”

Astutely, the sage-robot An recalls a prayer that she thinks would be appropriate for making an offering to the Beast Lord Malar. With a nod from her team, she stands forward and delivers the rites. Shelldrax invites Whitescar to take the missive directly or not at all.

The ever-wary Avenger percieves the direction of the booming voice and lobs a light source up to one of the platforms revealing a large purple-tinted dragon looming over the party. Still convinced of his bluffing abilities, Shelldrax contintues to bait the dragon closer under the guise of civility. The party flinches as the dragon swoops from the perch and alights in front of the disguised party. Taking the note from Shelldrax and reading it carefully the dragon awaits the delivery of its meal. Patient much longer than anticipated, the Duergar cannot wait any longer and unleashes his attacks.

After the initial flurry of steel the party readies for the dragons attack. A powerful blast and swipe throw the party clear and the beast swoops back up to his perch. Scrambling back into position the party attacks from range and reforms their formation. Mobile beyond the expectations of the team, Whitescar rips into their flanks and rear until it is caught and knocked out of the air. The party lunges forward and unleashes their mighty attacks on the immobile target.

The prone and bloodied dragon recovers enough to blast the party and again fly to safety. Noting its extensive wounds, the monster hisses and phases through a solid wall. Waiting for another ambush, the party remains ready but Whitescar does not appear. The fight is over.

Outside the temple Daffyd and his “army” are amazed at your return and cheer your triumph over the monsters contained in the temple. Surely they would have been hard pressed to take the opening halls and many warriors blanch at the thought of facing a dragon.

The party turns its attention to the “delegation” from Silvergrove that is in Langmuir and to the safety and productive uses of the Island of Moray.

Entry to the Black Blood Temple
We don't do Bar Mitzvahs

Short Short Version.

So the first room of the Temple had bunch of beasties in it: Werewolf, Wererats, Minotaur and two Drow. FIGHT

In the fight, one drow curiously blasts the party with cold… but as he falls his illusion is stripped away and reveals his dragonborn form. That leaves the other drow, who is not what he appears eaither. He is a cat-headed Rakshasa. The bad guys get dead all the way.

Further into the temple the party engages and defeats another mixed party of beastly enemies: Another Rakshasa (no illusions here), dragonborn, tiefling and a small green dragon. The party uses a large amount of resources, but emerge victorious. Among the possessions of the enemies the party finds two notes: one set of instructions for delivering the second note to “Whitescar” who is supposed to be in this abandoned temple.

Return to the Island of Moray
Aka Shithole Island

Emerging victorious from the underground lair of the Necromancer, the party rests for a moment at the Hostel of the Sacred Stone. As usual, the topic of conversation turns to the events at Shithole Island and the limitless opportunities that running the island will bring. Determined to make a difference (for themselves) the party heads towards the mustering place of Daffyd Lyrr’s flotilla.

En route to the ship the adventurers stumble upon a skirmish in the streets of the Dock District. The streets run red with the blood of a number of fallen combatants (who some identify as members of the Fire Eyes). The victors turn their attention to the party and attack the seeming reinforcements without hesitation.

A brief and bloody battle ensues with the heavily armed party outmuscling the thugs. Fleeing into the streets appears a good option for the surviving Stone Bears, but one cannot get away from the fighter who roughs him up for some information before ending his life. Apparently the Stone Bears have not forgotten the incident at Alchemist’s Row and have standing orders to attack any Fire Eyes, or anyone in your party. With a moment to pick up some loot and help the fallen gang members the party heads off to the docks.

With no further confrontations, the party meets up with Daffyd Lyrr, who launches his warships for the Island of Moray. Daffyd has found an old map showing the location of a temple belonging to the Black Bloods. He thinks the temple houses the leaders of the cult and has prepared his expedition to wipe out the Malarites for good.

En route, the party takes stock of the warships and notices some of the recruits from thier previous expeditions inside and outside the city. Unfortunately, the three “Captains” appear to be the most experienced troops in the flotilla and most of the warriors gathered are inexperienced and would have difficulty against lycanthropes and ogres. Most appear ill-equipped to deal with any threat greater than wild game. This sentiment is echoed by Captain Vondal (shield) who remembers the ferocity of the werewolf Blood-Eye very well.

Arriving on the island, you note much of the destruction has been repaired and troops once again line the walls of the outpost. A delegation of merchants from Silvergrove are in town, and have been there for about a week. Despite the local grudges about the policies and history of Silvergrove, they have brought a large number of arrows and weapons for sale and have also been serving on the walls with the rest of the garrison. This has greatly improved the disposition of the locals. Choosing the overland route, Daffyd presses forth from the settlements with his army, his enthousiasm bolstering the morale of his troops.

Once outside the palisades of the city, the army encounters and disperses a number of small orc war bands. During those skirmishes the army takes a number of casualties and too many of the men get seriously wounded. Arriving at the forward base of a mining camp, the army has a chance to regroup in the shadow of the Orcskull Mountains. Captain Vondal once again voices his apprehensiveness of the current strategy, thinking the army should reinforce the towns and mines.

The party discretely apprises the entrance to the temple, scours the area for clues, and searches the nearby mines for any signs, entrances, or approaches to the temple. Finding little aside from the masses of footprint leading to the temple, the party musters to decide a plan of action.

Daffyd stoutly insists that he will lead the bulk of the army into the mouth of the Temple and he will gloriously destroy the monsters that are within. No amount of coercion or intimidation will sway him from his appointed course: this is to be his revenge, his moment of glory. However, An with the grace of a natural diplomat reminds the Lyrr that he will win no glory if his men are cut down in the entryway, and his revenge will be hollow if he loses the island. Reluctantly, the strong-willed man concedes control of the expedition and asks the party for advice.

The plan is this: To have Sheldrax and Zax’Ran enter the temple disguised.

Descending into the torch-lit depths of the temple, Sheldrax leads the way through the entrance: a gaping maw of some bear like creature. Wall carvings and gigantic statues line the approach, all of them obviously dedicated to evil. While Gruumsh, Auril and others are depicted, Malar is obviously the dominant god amongst them.

Entering the torch-lit antechamber the disguised Rogue and Wizard are confronted by a Minotaur, Werewolf, two drow and a handful of wererats. Aggressively bluffing, Sheldrax at first commands the lowly beasts with some success, but when he demands that the lord of the temple “Whitescar” come forth, the guards draw their weapons and advance.

Passive Insight At the mention of the name Whitescar the wererats cringe as if terrified.

A disembodied voice says “I am out of wine, roll for initiative”

The End of The Necromancer
Fall of the Scion of Shevarash

The vast market stretches out before you, a chaotic maze of smashed stalls and overturned carts. Numerous bodies lie on the ground, chopped and mutilated as hundreds of short skeletal figures, rat-faced dogs, dwarven zombies in plate armor, and child-sized figures armed with razors fight the small, scattered, unorganized groups of City Watch and the few armed citizens while butchering the helpless. The numbers are too large for 5 adventurers to counter by themselves. But the City Watch and City Guard look for someone to tell them where to fight or what to do. Where do reinforcements need to go? Panicked citizens are unorganized and do not know where safety lies. Many are injured and need aid. Others are trapped with no place to retreat. In the chaos, dangerous adversaries may be struck from behind with proper scouting reports and stealthy approach. Will you accept the challenge of leadership in this large battle?

Yeah, you won

Descending into the place you know to go, you killed an fire-demon, 2 spine creep skeletons, and 2 marrowshriek skeletons. pretty good.

Entering the hallway you see ahead the tightly packed twists and turns of a maze. The walls are noticeably different than in the previous rooms as they are blackened, twisted and full of holes ranging in size to nearly a foot across. Looking closer reveals the stones that make up the walls and floors show signs of being dissolved with acid. The maze is only wide enough for a single file march.

The scarred walls to the north and west pour forth a mass of red and green oozes… they pour forth from multiple holes but reform eerily and seamlessly. A scan of the surroundings shows more of the multicolored slims pressing through the walls towards your position.

haha, you almost died

The cramped maze abruptly ends as you turn what seems to be the final corner. The corridor widens with a cool silvery sigil (a ward against acid) on the floor before a heavy set of doors. The symbol of Shevarash, god of retribution, is set prominently into the doors.

A cavernous room lies beyond. Intricate faerie fires line the walls. A wide chasm is cut into the floor with only a rickety sporewood bridge crossing the middle. Across the gap sits a large and impressive desk flanked by towering shelves. Every surface is piled high with books, scrolls, jars, and decanters of all types.

Two large skeletons carrying huge clubs and four undead drow ghouls prowl and guard the area before the chasm.

Azu Morn , clad in amethyst colored robes and flanked by two undead disciples, stands before the desk. The scar across his nose crumples as he sneers as you enter the room. He raises his arm, stripped of flesh and showing the naked bones of his hand and speaks to you: ”Why would you serve those retches? Those who would steal and kill for nothing more than a trinket? They would throw you away like an empty bowl. No matter now, you stand before me. You have a choice: Tell me what you know, serve Shevarash and his servants, punish those who deserve to be punished!”

“You are fools. If you will not serve me in life, you will serve me in death.”

Victorious, the party heads to the inn for an extended rest (cue Final Fantasy sleeping music).

The Saffron Devil
And other spice related demons

The party warily heads out to follow the trail of symbols left by Keighten and finds themselves in what used to be the wealthy section of the city. Most of the estates in the area are run down, either from neglect or abuse. The trail markers lead to an alley across the street from a large gated manor.

Maelekos is volunteered to scope out the alleyway and is confronted by an angry looking, battered, and bruised drow weilding dual kukris. The man shouts a challenge (that nobody understands) and starts to back away warily from the heavily armed party. Just before he decides to make a run for it, Shelldrax remembers the identifying password given to the party by Orabii before they left Dem-Dem’Aras. Shouting “Fuuuuuck Yooouuuuuuu” stops the spy in his tracks and he raises one eyebrow warily. He tells the party to duck inside one of the hollowed out buildings to get off the street.

Keighten gives you some more information about his mission: He was ordered to track down the Saffron Devil, a wizard and spymaster for Undumor. The Saffron Devil is believed to be a major problem for Dem-Dem’Aras, he has been suspected of funneling agents, money, and information into the city and tracking him down has become an issue of great importance. He appears to be a humanoid (maybe human), but he disguises his appearance witha mask and heavy robes even within the city so nobody has been able to get a good look at him. Rumor has it that the Saffron Devil gets his name from his harsh treatment of his underlings and enemies. Drall Keighten has been watching the house from across the street for several days after watching the Saffron Devil go inside. He had not seen the wizard come out and was about to break in, but a roving patrol decided to have some fun with him and beat him to a pulp. The patrol left him for dead rather than just consuming him, probably thinking he was a resident.

Drall concludes “We are going to take the house, and with any luck we will get to see this Saffron Devil for ourselves.”

The party (scheming all the way) agree to send An to the door to request an audience with the wizard. The warforged marches stoically through the front gate and up to the entrance way to the manor. Curiously, none of the gates or doors have any knobs, levers or locks on them. When knocking does not bring out a response, and neither does a hearty “Is anyone here?” from inside the front door, the rest of the party bravely steps out of hiding and enters the manor. A search of the upper floor reveals some portions secreted away, but no sign of the master of the house or any servants (living or not-very-living). The bottom floor has a short hallway that opens up into a large two-story library dominated bya crystal tower running floor to ceiling. The bookshelves are tightly packed with various dusty books and scrolls. There is also a desk next to the opposite wall.

Maelekos warily eyes the crystal tower, and sensing a threat boldly tells Shelldrax that he should be looking at the tower as well. Zax’Ran inspects the papers on the desk, and not finding anything interesting tries opening one of the desk drawers. As the drawer opens, the room seems to waver slightly as the crystal tower pulses with blinding light. The party readies weapons as alcoves open around the room and mechanical constructs pour forth. Two marching hammers, two fire lashers, and one mechanical snake converge on the party as the crystal tower fires bursts of psychic energy on the party.

With psychic energy flashing, fireballs exploding, and hammers charging the party his hard pressed by the multiple enemies and nearly stumble as a party-unfriendly blast from the wizard catches the Avenger unaware and drops her to the floor unconscious. The bloodied party (with the help of the spymaster) are finally able to destroy the constructs guarding the library and revive the fallen Maelekos, who promptly kicks Zax’Ran in the testicles.

Turning their attention to the contents of the desk and library the party finds ritual scrolls, more potions, and more importantly the reports from the Saffron Devil detailing the activities of Lunken agents operating inside Dem-Dem’Aras.

Lyubomyr – Former instructor at the Scholar. Currently recruiting talented individuals to become necromancers to gain a foothold inside the city.

Pelykh – Sketchy details only

Azu Morn – Active agent, fully reported with plenty of details. (and the Necromancer from scene 24) Currently operating out of the Cold Spring region of Dem-Dem’Aras.

Armed with this info Drall seems delighted! He says "These documents need to return to Dem-Dem’Aras. We must escape this city at once. I have an extraction point outside the city. A mariner will be passing the point in two days, and he will be able to ferry us to Fort Chell, and from there back to our city. Not finding any reason to stay, the party agrees and exits the manor to see a beautiful elven woman wearing a black sash on the other side of the front gate. Hovering near her shoulder are a pair of black skulls wreathed in flames. Her pale, delicate features contort as she sees you.

As the party charges forward to engage the elf, all semblance of life is stripped away leaving only the desiccated husk of a pale reaver lord. Numerous other undead reavers phase up out of the ground and surround the party.

The crew aggressively dispatches the creepers and focuses its attention on the lord who tries to maintain mobility but is locked down by the Duergar. Finally, one of the flameskulls is able to blind the fighter which frees up the reaver lord to sink into the ground, eyes flashing with hate. The party dispatches the remaining enemies. Running low on resources the party still needs to exit the city to get to the extraction point.

Behind Enemy Lines
300 Death Ave. Undumor City, Lunken 20036

The party returns to the Hostel of the Sacred Stone (where Zax’Ran has his students quarters set up) for a quick meal and to meet the contact Shelldrax has been talking about for so long.

The contact, Orabii, needs adventurers for this mission. You are to extract an angent who went to Undumor as a spy for the Council and is now presumed to be in trouble because he has not reported back in a month. He normally sends word of his progress weekly. His name is Drall Keighten and he serves Vummos Poe.

The standing army is hard-pressed to hold the line against the undead forces of Lunken, they need no food, no pay, and no rest. The benefits of bringing the army are too few to risk on this mission. Plus, the troops have no training in stealth or other specialized skills for infiltrating an enemy stronghold. Most recruitable soldiers in the city are nothing more than mushroom farmers and shit shepherds.

Keighten’s last message stated that he was close to his objective. Orabii does not know what the specific mission is, but that it is urgent and time-sensitive. You are given a description of the agent, coded markings to follow trail markers and a password to identify yourselves if you do find the spy. The intelligence reports on Undumor are also distributed. These detail the state of the city as well as some info about the residents.

Orabii suggest that most groups trying to infiltrate the Lunken city have been successful approaching by the river, and that because of your influence in the Travellers Guld, it should be possible to be smuggled in by ships sympatheic to Dem-Dem’Aras. He also states that Keighten’s communications may have been compromised, and that you should not try to send word back once you are in enemy territory. He stresses " you cant go in there wearing nice clothes or holy symbols or anything, so get prepared."

Hopping on to the Umber Wanderer the party is transported to shores of the enemy city. As the boat docks a robed figure standing on the dock calls out “By the authority vested in me by the great Regent stand down and prepare to be boarded for inspection!” The ghouls swarming the ship immediately attack once the inspector notices the holy symbol of the hated Raven Queen dangling between the ample, supple, … hold on wrong story …

Anyway, the party dispatches the patrol and acquires a set of collars used to identify and catalogue the residents of Undumor. Deciding on a somewhat familiar plan of action, the party enchants one extra collar and moves forward under the pretense of turning in captives. The party has trouble avoiding patrols of undead including scores of skeletons, some of which have four arms.

The trail markings lead you to a hollowed out Inn (Okayo’s Rest) near the center of the city. Although somewhat faded, the markings point to a location not far from the Inn. The location appears to be a small alleyway between two buildings off of a larger street. Hopefully the markings will lead you to the agent.

Something Smells In Lowtown
Stone Bears

The adventurers (that have no cool team name) eagerly engage the Stone Bears guarding the captives in the Alchemical factory. Shelldrax and Rezworn Hammersmith charge to the back corner where the Alchemist is busy hurling explosives. Maelekos engages the Carrion Crawler while Zax’Ran dances just out of reach of the whip-bearing slavers. An and Zzareex occupy the thugs, freeing Shelldrax to eliminate the Alchemist and allowing Rez to pull attention to himself. Mopping up the taskmasters, the party frees (and attempts to seduce with glorious tales of Shithole Island) the slaves and searches the factory. A new member of the Stone Bears is found hiding in a cabinet and only his youth saves him from further punishment.

Edro knows that the Stone Bears never keep to one place for long, but have been hiding out at an abandoned city watch station. He provides directions, but will not go anywhere near for fear that he will be recognized as a traitor.

Arriving at the watch station the upper floors are empty and in bad shape, but a quick search reveals a set of stairs leading down into what once must have been the jail for this watch station. On the far side of the room is a well maintained set of manacles. A man (who nobody recognized immediately) is chained to the wall and is being aggressively questioned by several Stone Bears. The leader, Jorgan is torturing the man for information, specifically if he knows anything about the Stone Bears operations in the city. Most of the other thugs lean on heavy halberds, intent on watching the spectacle before them, urging Jorgan to further violence. From the body language of the interrogator, you can see he is fed up with the prisoners repeated denials. When he pulls his heavy flail from his belt, you know this interrogation will not last much longer.

A brief and bloody battle ensues, and the heroic luck of the adventurers keeps them standing strong even through a brutal offensive. The Stone Bears prove no match for the party.

Freeing the man chained to the wall, he reveals himself as Mazezka Degenhard, Knight Captain of the Whitecaps. He was looking into gang activities in Lowtown and Lookout Heights and specifically investigating the brothels: Passion, The Sultry Sin, and Magic Touch. While he was being questioned, a man in a domino mask arrived and inquired about the production rates at the factory. He did not seem pleased with the results. Mazezka thanks you heartily for your help, and tells you he intends on reporting his findings to his superiors at the Whitecaps, and vows to find and capture the leaders of the Stone Bears.

A Search of the abandoned watch station reveals shipping manifests that show raw materials originating from governmental stockpiles and being delivered to the alchemical factory. Other manifests chart the delivery of the finished items to locations inside the city as well as foreign locations. The authorization and signature blocks of the documents which usually indicate who in the government approved the shipments have all been left blank. The shipments do not appear to have any legitimate governmental purpose, and would indicate that there is a traitorous source on the Council of 8.


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